Panos Englezos Ltd

Since its establishment in 1960, Panos Englezos Ltd has been one of the largest importers and distributors of automotive batteries and spare parts. From the very start the company has strived to provide top quality products and expert services to the automotive vehicle repair sector.
It is also worth noting that prior to 2006, Panos Englezos Ltd, had been manufacturing automotive lead acid starting batteries for over 35 years with massive export activities spanning most of Europe and the Middle East.
It has been the recipient of the coveted European Business Award on several occasions as well as multiple ‘Best Cyprus Exporter’ awards.


Battery Specialists

In line with its policy to continually evolve through its unrivalled and expert knowledge of the battery business, Panos Englezos Ltd has developed its activities beyond those of the automotive sector. It has an extensive range of industrial and standby batteries available for every kind of use including TRACTION (PzS) cells for electric lift trucks, DEEP CYCLE batteries for golf carts, aerial platforms, STATIONARY (OPzS) for renewable energy and STANDBY VRLA batteries for UPS, telecommunications etc.

In our 50 year plus journey, we have always promoted the idea of strong business partnerships as the only way to secure product quality and stable supply. Thankfully we have found just that and have the privilege to work with the very best battery manufacturers in the world, each a true expert in their field of choice.


Automotive Spare Parts Specialists

For over 50 years, Panos Englezos Ltd has been one of the leaders in the field of automotive spare parts. The company mostly specializes in electrical and electronic component parts and has an established range of both OEM original equipment and quality replacement parts specific for the automotive aftermarket. Our partners are automotive component manufacturers generally recognized as leaders in the automotive replacement and OE parts sectors. Also we are market leaders in accessory parts like wiper blades and cabin air filters.